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Support & Student Services

The following  provide support services for parents and their students:

Child and Adolescent Hot line and Prevention Program

This is a free resource available to San Mateo County residents. It is called Child and Adolescent Hotline and Prevention Program and is available 24/7 to support community members. They can be reached at (650) 567-5437,

Parent ED

Parent Education Programs are held at the school site during the school year. These programs are designed to meet the current parents’ or guardians’ needs for keeping up to date with positive interventions that they can utilize with their students to promote healthy family interactions. Opportunities include evening meetings organized through our Parent Involvement Project.


Resources to share at home - Supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement

We are compiling resources to support you in answering your children’s questions regarding the tragic death of George Floyd. Please see a link to these resources on our District homepage at

Here is a great website with resources to help parents and teachers with concrete tools for navigating discussing race with children (from the National Museum of African American History and Culture): lking-about-race

The Center for Racial Justice in Educations has links to resources for talking about race, racism, and racialized violence with kids:  https://centerracialjustice.or g/resources/resources-for-talk ing-about-race-racism-and-raci alized-violence-with-kids/