School Messenger

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SchoolMessenger Phone, Email & Text Messaging

SchoolMessenger is a web-based communication tool currently used by the San Mateo-Foster City School District. The system enables the District and its schools to personally communicate with parents/guardians to support emergency preparedness, school community involvement and student attendance. The phone number, email address, or cell phone number that is used for these communications comes from the District's student information system.

Phone Calls

Phone calls are sent to the phone number of the primary contact for your child. If you would like to change the number that is called please contact your school.

Email Messages

Email messages are sent to the primary and secondary contact for your student.

Text Messaging

SchoolMessenger allows the district and school sites to send messages via phone, email and text message. The system is configured
to send text messages to cell phone numbers in
SchoolMessenger whose recipients have agreed to receive them.

Individuals will receive text messages ONLY if all three of the following requirements* are met: 

  • The individual opts-in
  • A cell phone number is on file with the district
  • The message sender includes content for a text message
    *These requirements address any concerns related to the accuracy of the database and costs associated with receiving text messages.

How do recipients opt-in to receive text messages?

  1. Text the word “YES” to 68453 from each wireless device they wish to receive texts on.
  2. In order to receive messages from your school(s) or the District you need to opt-in from the number that is listed as the cell contact number in our student information system. If you need to update this number please contact your school site. If you opt-in from a number that the school or District does not have on file, you would not receive messages at that number.

How do recipients opt-out of receiving text messages?

Recipients not wishing to receive text messages to a particular number can simply do one of the following:

  1. Don’t opt-in, and don’t reply to the opt-in invitation message.
  2. Text “STOP” to 68453 at any time.
  3. Opt out online at