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CuriOdyssey Partnership

CuriOdyssey will provide science lessons to all grades at Lead during the school year. CuriOdyssey creates programs and exhibits that immerse children in hands-on, interactive, explorative experiences with science and nature, igniting their curiosity. We give children the opportunity to be an active participant in their own learning. Rather than simply delivering information or providing answers, we create learning environments in which students can make their own observations, formulate their own questions, and draw their own conclusions. Through our innovative science programs, we are helping children acquire the tools to deeply understand their changing world.

The model consists of CuriOdyssey educators developing and delivering a series of science lessons in classroom during school hours. The implementation of the science content is in concert with the current science standards (Next Generation Science Standards) and supports Common Core (particularly Math) Standards.

Our goals are to foster within the students observation, inquiry, and science exploration about the natural world and support and model science education for the classroom teachers.

Benefits for LEAD Students

In a world in which change happens continuously and issues are complex, we are focused on developing, through science, the critical thinking skills necessary for this generation. Every time we enter the classroom students, are excited about discovering new things, controlling their own explorations, and carrying forward their investigations outside the classroom. Anecdotally, teachers have told us that CuriOdyssey’s science lessons have supported their curriculum beyond science, increased students’ vocabulary and communication skills, and increased their students’ ability to solve problems.

CuriOdyssey will be subsidizing the full cost of this program through generous funding from various sources. Future sessions and programming are dependent upon continued funding. As part of the funding, an assessment of the program against educational impact goals will be conducted and may include the solicitation of information from the students, classroom teachers and administrators, and CuriOdyssey Educators.