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Mrs Lee

Hello I’m Kathleen Lee. I have taught Transitional Kindergarten at LEAD Elementary for 5 years.  Before that I have taught for 16 years in kindergarten, first, and third grades at George Hall Elementary and Sunnybrae Elementary.  I am on the SMFCSD  committees for TK, Math Leadership, and piloting Language Arts curriculum.  When I'm not teaching I love spending time with my husband and 3 kids, reading and traveling.

Global Cardboard Challenge

children participating in cardboard challenge         children participating in cardboard challenge

Theme Days

Clifford's Birthday, Miss Match Day, Sports Day, PJ Day

     children in classroom with Clifford masks           group of children posing outside  2015 Sports Day     group of children on pajama day

Fieldtrips- Farmer John's, Marine Science Institute, California Academy of Science, Elkus Ranch

group of children on a field trip             group of children on a field trip     Cal Academy field trip               children at Elkus Ranch

 *Photos uploaded are of students with permission through their MEDIA CONSENT Form

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Mrs. Lee

650-312-7550 ext.4469

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