4th Grade Overview

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Daily Schedule

8:00 School Starts

8:05-10:05 Morning Routines and Mathematics 

10:05-10:25 Recess

10:25-12:00 Language Arts: Reading and Writing with ELD integration

 12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:30 Science/Social Studies

2:30-2:40 Homework Review 

Dismissal is at 2:40

(Wednesday dismissal at 12:31 pm)



We will continue to use the very successful Envision Math. We are also partnering with a math teacher from Bayside STEM to prepare our students for middle school!


We will adopt the new curriculum named "Benchmark" this year!


We will study magnetism & electricity, rocks & minerals, and relationships of living things.

Social Studies

We will learn California history and geography including Native Peoples, Missions, the Gold Rush, and Statehood.

Site Words (Grades 3-5)

Parent Responsibilities

Please LABEL all uniform jackets/sweaters, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.

Thursday Envelopes

Every Thursday your child will come home with information about the events in our school and community. PLEASE take the time to READ these interesting papers! There are often important notices and resources in them.


It is the student’s job to be responsible for their learning and practice the skills we are learning in school by doing their homework every night. It is your responsibility as a parent to provide them a place to do their work, free of distractions, and to check their work when they are done. If there is a problem with the homework, please attempt it together. Every problem or question should be attempted multiple times. It is often through productive struggle that we learn the most. In case of an emergency, please write a note to your child's teacher.

Every night students are assigned a reading log, a math page, and standards aligned language arts practice. Please check that their work is complete to the best of their ability each night and sign the front of the homework packet at the end of the week. INCOMPLETE or MISSING homework will not be tolerated. Please also give a consequence at home. 

4th Grade Literacy


We are Safe

We are Kind

We are Respectful

We are Responsible


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Mr. Cappa                               ms. landry                                   Ms. Lepe / ms. chakib

(650) 312-7550

mcappa@smfcsd.net  mlandry@smfcsd.net   schakib@smfcsd.net

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