Digital Arts & Enrichment

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LEADING the way...

The curriculum and instructional practices at Lead are aligned with Common Core State Standards, recommendations for quality schools and with the District’s Standards of Excellence, educating all students to achieve their potential through a rigorous program that builds a solid academic foundation and challenge students to think critically and communicate effectively.

Lead’s balanced literacy program of listening, speaking, reading and writing is based on the best practices of Early Literacy, Guided Reading, and the Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop Model. Mathematics and science instruction are activity, problem solving and communication based and promote investigation and both critical and higher level thinking skills.

Continued Professional Development opportunities for teachers are offered in these curricular areas.  Structured English language development promotes and supports our English Language Learners.

Lead boasts a dedicated and well-trained staff with a wealth of knowledge in Literacy/Language Arts, Technology, English language development and Differentiated Instruction. Along with their dedication to academic excellence, the Lead community believes in high expectations for all and the development of active, well-rounded, socially responsible citizens who positively impact today and the future.