Support & Student Services

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The following public and on campus agencies provide support services for parents and their students:

Child and Adolescent Hotline and Prevention Program

This is a free resource available to San Mateo County residents. It is called Child and Adolescent Hotline and Prevention Program and is available 24/7 to support community members. They can be reached at (650) 567-5437, Contact information- Adam Beyer, MFTI, (650) 339-5536.

Family Literacy Night

Held weekly on Thursday evenings from 6-7:30 pm in the San Mateo High School Library. Food, computer access, tutoring and plenty of students books in both Spanish and English. Check in September on the 15-16 school calendar on line and in the Tuesday envelopes for the start date!

Family Resource Center

Located in room 3 with a separate entrance to be used rather than going through the school office. The center will be staffed with a benefits analyst five days a week, (Luvi Bone at 650-743-4963) and a social work counselor (Tara Currie-Martinez at 650-743-5883) four days a week. This service is funded by county measure A and is available free of charge to all Lead Elementary families throughout the year. We are excited to have this resource on our campus. If you need assistance deciding which agency to call, contact the Family Resource Center at 650-743-4963 or The Community Information Program at 650-802-7950.


Lead Student Services Team. This team is comprised of the Principal, school psychologist, ELD teacher, Reading Recovery/ Reading Intervention Teacher, Resource teacher, and Teacher on Special Assignment as well as the Digital Arts Coordinator and teacher leaders who may attend meetings on an as needed basis. LSST meets weekly to support all students at Lead Elementary. In the process they review referrals, data, and discuss student profiles, services and assessments needed for students. The LSST group organizes and leads the bi-yearly Grade Level Profile Meetings and May Placement Meetings. Parents may write a letter to the LSST team if their child has a particular need for placement that may be described in terms of classroom culture/ teacher style, but may not include a teacher name.

Parent ED

Parent Education Programs are held at the school site during the school year. These programs are designed to meet the current parents’ or guardians’ needs for keeping up to date with positive interventions that they can utilize with their students to promote healthy family interactions. Opportunities include evening meetings organized through our Parent Involvement Project and PTA, as well as presentations at the monthly PTA/Principal Coffees held on the last school Friday of every month. We are hoping to also provide technology and English language classes throughout the school year.


Parent Involvement Project: This unique and highly successful project addresses the achievement gap by uniting community, parents and schools. The Parent Involvement Project’s innovative approach provides high quality learning experiences to enable parents to have a more positive and supportive impact on their students development. Some of the resources available through PIP are Parent Education Workshops, help with Classroom Participation, Home Visits, and Enrichment Activities. We are fortunate to be home to a PIP Preschool on campus!

School Counseling and Services

Provided by the social work/counselor in the Family Resource center, the counseling intern, and school psychologist. Counseling Services are designed to support the school mission, enhance students’ learning, provide support and suggest possible resources. Counseling staff runs small group counseling meeting for students on a variety of topics including self-esteem, changing families, anger management and social skills/friendship. Our school is fortunate to also have an art counseling therapist interning on our campus Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This intern is able to meet with students and families on an as needed basis but must have signed permission for ongoing counseling services available to 20 students.


Our outreach campus coordinator (Teacher On Special Assignment, TOSA) can assist you with school- related outreach needs including uniforms and school supplies, and will direct you with any family concerns to the Principal, Support Personnel and/or the Family Resource Center.

School Psychologist

Our school psychologist is on campus Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

The school psychologist leads SST and IEP meetings along with the resource teacher and the Principal. She is also available to our students and parents on the days she is on campus.

Special Education

Students with IEP’s are served through the Special Education Department of our District and school. LEAD has a full time Resource Teacher and Para Professional who provide services to students with IEP’s as well as a Speech Pathologist and School Psychologist (see above) who also provide services and assessments. LEAD also has three SDC teachers who service qualified students in their SDC classrooms.  

Student Success Team (SST)

This is a problem solving and coordinating structure that assists students, families and teachers to seek positive solutions for maximizing student potential. The SST focuses in-depth on one student at a time, and invites the parents and student to participate in finding solutions. Additionally, it also provides a structure to review the academic, behavioral, and health status of each student in a particular classroom. This process informs individual actions for students, including referral to the formal SST process, and class-wide actions to address issue such as use of class resources, behavior management, classroom modifications, and health education. The SST also provides an opportunity for school staff, family members, community agencies, and other important people to present their concerns about an individual student, and through discussion and study, to plan a positive course of action, assign responsibilities and monitor results for a student/family. For students receiving Special Education services, request an IEP meeting to address these issues. A SST brochure is available in the office for families requesting more information.