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Student Programs at LEAD

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All student programs at LEAD foster a culture of respect, empathy, responsibility, reporting and healthy play. Our LEAD community and family member are guided by the following:


Each classroom in addition to establishing their classroom community at the beginning of the year, also incorporate these three simple statements to guide student’s as they make choices and interact with one another. Classrooms will create posters with their ideas generated around these 3 statements and use the language to guide student behavior and choices


Responsible Students from classrooms serve as “OWL BE YOUR FRIEND BUDDIES” to new students who join our LEAD family throughout the school year. These buddies meet and greet the new students in the office on the new student’s first day at LEAD, escort them to class, introduce them to peers and the daily routine of being a student at LEAD Elementary. These special buddies serve as companions and friends for the new students.

Buddy Classrooms

Upper Grade classes partner up with lower grade classes to gather together and learn from one another periodically throughout the school year. Buddy Activities may include art lessons, technology/Digital Arts projects, literacy based activities that include reading and writing and even plays and singing opportunities!


Each class will plant and maintain a garden in our gardening area. Each class needs a parent garden buddy. The hope is that students will learn healthy eating habits through a hands on science experience. Please contact the PTA Room Parent Coordinator (Maria Rivera) at x 6843 if you would like to be a parent volunteer to help with the planting or maintenance of the garden.  

Owl Student Ambassadors

Under the direction of the school Principal, a boy and a girl from each grade level are nominated to serve as an OWL (Outstanding and Willing to Lead) Student Ambassadors. These student ambassadors will serve as Spirit Leaders for their grade level, as well as tour guides, guest escorts and school wide role models for Kindness, Empathy, Respect, Responsible Reporting and Healthy Play. For the 2015-2016 school year, they will meet monthly with the Principal at lunchtime to plan Monthly Spirit Fridays, organize and tabulate Grade Level Spirit points, generate ideas and offer a student perspective on the school as a whole.

Student Programs at LEAD

Peace Signs
Peace Keepers

Under the direction of the Teacher on Special Assignment, Student Peace Keepers will serve as School wide conflict resolution managers to help the students resolve disputes on the playground in a step-by-step process. Peace Keepers will wear bright orange caps to help distinguish them on the playground. Classroom teachers, classes new to the school, new students, and aides are trained to teach the student to utilize this consistent school wide approach.

The Stoplight Solution incorporates the Peace Signs language:

  • STOP: Take a deep breath, count to ten
  • 2 THINK: Think about how you are feeling and how the other person is feeling. What can you do to solve the problem.
  • 3-ACT: Pick a solution to solve the problem and give it a try! If you need further help after trying your solution, find an adult on campus