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Eclipse Information

Solar Eclipse – A Phenomenal Teachable Moment!

As you may know, on Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will cross over the entire continental United States, beginning over Oregon and ending over South Carolina. The Bay Area will experience a partial (80%) solar eclipse, which will begin at 9:01 am, reach its maximum coverage at 10:15 am, and end at 11:37 am. Check out this animation depicting exactly what we will see.
Of the 23 school districts in San Mateo County, 12 districts’ first day of school is on or before August 21, which means that many students will be at school when this spectacular phenomenon takes place.  The eclipse is exactly the type of real-world experience that we can capitalize on as an exciting teachable moment. Click here for more information about the eclipse.


At LEAD Elementary, teachers have received resources and information to prepare and guide their instruction for this solar eclipse day. Grade levels will be accessing these resources and live streaming the event due to the cost, availability and quality of solar viewing glasses  We will have a special schedule between the hours of 9:01 and 11:37  that includes a different time for morning brunch, indoor PE,  an indoor recess and plans to monitor students who will use umbrellas and have supervision if they need to leave the classrooms for emergency purposes only 

Direct viewing of the sun and the eclipse without ISO-approved, solar-viewing glasses is extremely dangerous. Looking at the sun without these glasses can result in permanent damage to the eyes. Outdoor activities during the eclipse, such as recess, going to restrooms, and movement between classrooms during passing periods will be closely limited and monitored!  Please follow this link for important information about viewing the eclipse safely. 

 Images Courtesy: NASA
The following websites have lots of eclipse information to share with your families and friends:

American Astronomical Society: "Solar Eclipse Across America"
NASA: "Eclipse 2017"
Front Page Science: "2017 Total Solar Eclipse" (podcasts)
Cal Eclipse: "Do Your Thing for the Sun" (a guide to ways that community members can reduce energy usage during the eclipse in order to avoid making power plants switch to natural gas while solar energy is unavailable)
PBS Learning Media: "Solar Eclipses"
CIT Jet Propulsion Laboratory: "How to Make a Pinhole Camera"