5th Grade - Ms. Cheng

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Teacher Bio

My name is Mrs. Heather Cheng.  I have taught at Horrall, now LEAD Elementary, since 2000.  This is my seventeenth year of educating young minds.  I have had the pleasure of teaching third, fourth, and fifth grade during my time at LEAD.  My goal as an educator is to build students’ self-confidence, and foster a love for learning. Once students feel comfortable taking risks and making mistakes, it is amazing to see how much they can grow and achieve.  I also have three school-aged children myself.

 Watch Cam use his spacial reasoning skills.




Daily Schedule:
8:05-10:05 Math

10:05-10:20 Recess

10:25-12:00 Reading Workshop

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-1:50 Writing

1:50-2:40 Social Studies/Science

Weekly Specials:

Fridays - Library 9:00-9:30

Wednesday - Music 10:30-11:00, (Minimum Day) 12:26 Dismissal

Mondays and Thursdays - PE 1:50-2:40


Students are expected to read 30 minutes nightly (Monday-Thursday) and respond to their reading in their DEAR notebook.                                                                Open link below to see reading log.

5th Grade CCSS Reading Log

Students will be given a nightly math assignment as a repeated practice of our daily classroom lesson.

If homework is not completed on time, your child will complete it at recess.    If this is a regular occurrence, your child will call home.

Behavior Expectations:

Students are expected to make good choices in our classroom.  These expectations are based on our schools' 3 pillars and are very clear and agreed upon.  It is their job to honor these agreements.  We use praise and encouragement in our classroom and the reward for meeting these expectations are fully intrinstic...pride and success.



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Mrs. Heather cheng

650.312.7550 ext 4462


Please email Mrs. Cheng with questions or concerns.