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4th/5th Grade - MRs. Bjorkquist

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About Me

My name is Mrs. Kathy Bjorkquist. I have taught at Horrall, now LEAD Elementary, since 2000. This is my seventeenth year of educating students. I have had the pleasure of teaching third, fourth, and fifth grade during my time at LEAD. My goal as an educator is to build students’ self-confidence,  foster a love for learning, and help students feel comfortable taking risks in their learning.  I am trilingual. I speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish. I love art and teaching through art. I believe every child can be successful and I try to provide a safe environment for all children to learn.

Upcoming Events

5th grade will be going to the Tech Museum in San Jose on February 2. We will be working on a Chemistry Lab and Watching a film about the Louis and Clark expedition. 4th grade will be going to Mission San Juan Bautista on March 21st to gain a better understanding of mission life. Please remember if you would like to be a chaperon on one of our field trips you must have your fingerprinting filed with the district. Forms are available in the office.

Class Schedule

8:00 First Bell

8:05 School Starts

8:05-10:05 Math Block

10:05-10:20 Recess

10:00-12:00 Language Arts Block

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-1:50 Writing

1:50-2:35 Science/Social Studies

2:40 4th/5th grade dismissal

12:26 Wednesday Dismissal


8:05-8:55 Monday 4th grade PE

1:50-2:40 Monday 5th grade PE

9:30-10:00 Tuesday 4th/5th grade Library

8:05-8:55 Wednesday 4th grade PE

10:05-10:55 Wednesday 5th grade Instrumental Music

10:20-10:50- 4th grade Music with Mr. Rick

1:50-2:40 Thursday 5th grade PE

Parent Involvement and Communication

-Please LABEL all uniform jackets/sweaters, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.

-Volunteers: We would love to have volunteers to come in and help with photocopying, cutting laminating, and other jobs. If you are available please email me.

-Donations: Thank you so much for your generous donations to our classroom! Thank you again.

-Tuesday Envelopes: Every Tuesday your child will come home with important flyers and papers about events in our school community. PLEASE take the time to READ these important papers! There are often important notices and resources in them.

-Scholastic Book Orders - Teacher code: F967X

Please feel free to keep in touch through email regularly and check the school website for more information.

 Homework and Assignments

It is the student’s job to be responsible for their learning and practice the skills we are learning in school by doing their homework every night. It is your responsibility as a parent to check their homework nightly and sign off that you have looked over their work.




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Mrs. Bjorkquist

650-312-7550 ext. 4451