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2nd Grade Overview

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Look here for information for all second grade students and families:

Wednesdays-  community day at the park (Come and eat and have your children play)


November 17th- Field Trip to to watch play


November 20th- Field trip to the forty Niners 

November 22-24th- Thanksgiving Break

November 29-December 6th- Early out for Conferences

December 19th- Ginger bread houses

December 21- Early dismissal 

December- 22-January 8th- Winter Break



Healthy Treats

Parents please remember as part of the district wellness policy we are only to have healthy treats as snacks/birthday celebrations.  Cupcakes are no longer allowed.  Enjoy them for parties outside of school!


Behavior Expectations:

It is our goal to maintain a happy, positive and safe school environment for all students and staff members. To further this goal, we have developed the following behavior expectations for students. These expectations for students are built around three overarching principles that we foster at school:

Take care of yourself - be safe in the classroom, hallways and on the playground.
Take care of each other - be courteous and respectful of those around you.
Take care of this place - be responsible for your actions, words, belongings, and trash.

Parent Involvement:

We are trying to develop more independent learners in the second grade and don’t ask for classroom volunteers.  We do ask parents to be involved in their child’s learning by attending principal coffee chats, parent-teacher conferences, volunteering to assist on field trips, become part of our Art in Action Program, and volunteering and donating for school events- PTA events, Olympic Field Day, Read Across America Day, and Jump Rope for Heart.  We also ask for parents to be actively involved in helping their child with homework, daily reading and answering of comprehension questions.  Please also ask your child’s teacher if they need any help in prepping classroom materials, such as cutting art projects or assembling packets. 


Second Grade Homework:

 Second Grade's Weekly Homework



Second Grade Reading Levels:

Click here to see reading level expectations.  

 Click here to look at second grade high-frequency words


Supply List:

Click here to see second grade classroom supply list. 

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Second Grade Resources

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