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2nd Grade - Mrs. Manion

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Teacher Bio:

My name is Brooke Manion and I teach second grade at LEAD Elementary.  This is my thirteenth  year teaching.  I have taught second grade for six  years at LEAD. I am team leader for second grade and a member of the Mindset team at LEAD. I have previously taught five years in East Palo Alto; teaching three of those years in second and two in Kindergarten and two years in Iowa. This year I will be team teaching with Mrs. Quinn.  I will be there Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday.  The other days of the week I will be at home with the newest addition to our family my daughter.  


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Scholastic online code M36NC 

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Mrs. Brooke Manion

650-639-2981 (voicemail)


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Mrs. Manion’s Class schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

8:00- Open the door come in check homework and watch KOWL

8:10-10:00- Language Arts Block Reading Interventions, and Guided reading

10:05- Recess

10:20-11:20- Math (Envision)

11:10-12:00- PE- and small group work

12:00-1:00- LUNCH/Recess
1:00-1:40- Second Grade Specialist Subjects
Monday- Art
Tuesday- Sdcience
Thursday- SS
Friday- Mindfulness

1:40-2:10- ELD/Grammar/Technology

1:40-2:10-Tuesday- Library

2:10-2:20- Clean up, Math Talks, and Read Aloud

2:20- Dismissal

12:20- Wednesday Dismissal