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Bus Schedule


The location of student the drop off location will be at the Mid –Peninsula Boys and Girls Club located at 200 North Quebec Street, in San Mateo.  This will be for the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday drop off only. 

 Wednesday and Minimum day drop off will be at North Shoreview for all buses.  The end of the day school pick up time will remain the same and is as follows. 


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (Lunes, Martes, Jueves, Viernes)

   Grades TK                                Dep. LEAD at 12:20PM       Arr. North Shoreview  12:30 PM 

   Grade Kinder  till 10/4     Dep LEAD 12:20PM               Arr. North Shoreview 12:30PM 

   Grade Kinder after 10/21 Dep. LEAD at 2:10 PM        Arr. Boys/Girls Club 2:20 PM

   Grades 1 to 3                           Dep. LEAD at 2:20 PM        Arr. Boys/Girls Club 2:40 PM

   Grades 4 & 5                          Dep. LEAD at 2:45 PM        Arr. Boys/Girls Club 3:05 PM



Wednesday (Miercoles) and Minimum Days:  ALL BUS ROUTES TO NORTH SHOREVIEW