Thursday Weekly Packets

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 Every Thursday you can expect your students to bring home a large clear packet with school information. The yearly calendar of activities and most meetings is printed on the front of the manila envelope. Please read correspondence from the school carefully, review the contents to see if it pertains to your family, and then have your child return the empty envelope to school, with signed forms if required that week.

All correspondence from the school will be written on white paper with the school logo at the top.


Math Kangaroo

Rebound Academy - Basketball

City of Foster City & San Mateo Parks & Recreation Department Winter 2019 Classes

Athena Chinese After School

Backpacks for Fire Victims - FC Lyons Club

Jr. Warriors Basketball League - SM Park & Rec

Kids in the Kitchen SM Park & Rec

Parent Night Out - King Center Community Center

Ragazzi Boys Chorus Music & Movement

Ragazzi Boys Chorus Singfest

Youth League Tennis