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November, 2017

Dear LEAD Elementary School Parents, Guardians and Families,

Thank you one and all for contributing to a successful and community based LEAD Grand Opening and Fall Festival on October 26th. Our PTA Board worked tirelessly to create an afternoon/evening of fun, festivity and food! What was your favorite game booth? If it wasn’t the “Pie in the Principal’s Face,” was it the “Nose Picker” one or one of the art based activities? Gratitude to Committee Chair, Catherine Gaston who worked tirelessly to lead and coordinate this event. With the support of the PTA President Vivian Lizerraga and the 17-18 Board, all who came felt welcomed and had a great time.
Our PTA will be publishing the results of the fundraising efforts soon at Fall Festival proceeds will help contribute to digital literacy, physical education, STEAM, field trips and many other programs that provide our students with the necessary tools to strengthen and enrich our educational environment.

Samaritan House Partnership: We have a new partnership with Samaritan House. They will be offering a monthly food pantry mobile parked in the Ocean View Cul de Sac off of Dale. Those dates will be on Fridays and will be published soon. This month, Samaritan House is offering a Thanksgiving Holiday Distribution on Saturday, November 11th from 9-3. The food distribution will include canned holiday food and fresh turkeys. This is available to all who are registered through Samaritan House and LEAD families in need. How fortunate we are to work alongside Samaritan house to help make this happen. The Thanksgiving Holiday food distribution will be in the main hallway of LEAD School.

Parent Teacher Conferences: We are hoping to have report cards ready to distribute at our Parent/Teacher conferences in November/December. Your child’s teacher will be sending home a letter that schedules a time for your conference. Please honor your scheduled appointment time and be on time. Also, if you need assistance with transportation, please let me know. We do not want any of our families to miss out on these important conversations that are an integral part of our parent communication and reporting of student progress!

Parking Lot: Thanks to all who are helping to keep our parking lot safe and orderly. Please do not form double lines or park anywhere where you may be disrupting the flow of traffic. Also, please do not park in the loading zone.

Our month is full! Here’s a list of important events that are also on our school website at 

11/8: TK/K Registration Day 1:00-6:00 School Office
11/10: No School/Veterans’ Day Observance
11/11: Samaritan House Holiday Feed 9:00-3:00 LEAD main hallway
11/17, 12/1, 12/8, 12/15: TK/K School Tours 8:30-10:00 Begin in School Office
11/15: PTA Executive Board Meeting 8:15 School Office 
11/15: TK/K Registration Day 1:00-4:00 School Office
11/17: Spirit Theme Day Crazy Hair Day
11/22-11/26: No School, Thanksgiving Break
11/27: School Resumes
11/29: TK/K Registration 1:00-4:00 School Office
11/29-12/6: Fall Conferences Minimum Day Dismissals Daily

With Gratitude Always and Especially During this November Month of Thanksgiving,

Pattie Dullea, LEAD Elementary School Principal,