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December 8, 2015

Dear LEAD Families and Community,

On behalf of the LEAD Staff, I wish you all a peaceful, relaxing and joyful holiday season. Our last day of school before Winter/Holiday break is Friday, December 18th and it is a MINIMUM DAY! That means our students are dismissed at 12:20 TK-3 and 12:26 Grades 4/5. This will give our staff an opportunity to avoid the Friday rush home and begin the holidays with their families and friends. Thank you in advance for picking up your children on time so you too can begin the holidays on time.

Before the Holidays begin for us all come join is some fun!

THIS WEEK: Our Week of Code begins this week and the schedule is on our web site! Why settle for an Hour of Code? We are excited to be hosting the entire week of coding for ALL of our students, grades TK-5. Many thanks to our Digital Arts Coordinator, Felicia Howell, our Guidewire Partners and parent volunteers who are helping to make it all happen here at LEAD!

FRIDAY the 11th: Please come by our PTA Book Faire and Craft Celebration at 6:00 in the LGI! The Book Faire is a great place to shop for gifts and the Craft Fair will put you in the Holiday Spirit.

Friday the 18th: Please join me at our December Principal/PTA/PIP Coffee Chat: you will be treated to a Digital Arts/Inference Show hosted by Ms. Slaters’ 5th graders, a special song by Ms. Habeeb’s 2nd graders and updates from all things occurring on our campus including the Week of Code!

GRATITUDE: Our 2nd grade class was treated to an entire day at LEVY Stadium home of the SF 49ers. It was a class act all the way ranging from Google type white buses that transported all of us to the academic STEM literacy based activities that were part of the day long instruction for our kiddos. Many thanks to Brooke Manion for making it all happen, the 2nd grade team for their hard work in organizing and the parent chaperones who were treated to a special day! Thank you Jorge/Daisey Navas, Hao Liang, Patricia Mesinas, Shirley Vielman, Gary Taylor, Maria Rodriguez, Maria del X Ramirez, Buddy Walker, Wilber Ventura, Julie Klink, Noemi Peña, Ben Pahulu, Sr., Angela Sicairos and Erika Pantoja. The whole trip including transportation was underwritten by the 49er Organization. Our students have written thank you notes and have many wonderful memories and lessons learned from the day! Ask them about Sourdough Sam and the Digital Puppetry that brought him and the story he was reading to life, the technology focus, the playing field and its composition, the museum of all 49er Greats, and lunch in the stands!

TRAFFIC REMINDERS: Please respect our neighbors by not parking near or blocking their driveways, even if you think it is just for a minute or two. Our children/ families many of whom we are encouraging to walk to school need to feel safe in crosswalks, sidewalks and our parking lot. Slow down, pay attention to signs that indicate staff parking only, drop off and pick up areas, and no parking zones. Of course enter the one way parking lot safely from DALE AVENUE only, not Cottage Grove. Thank you for helping us keep you all safe and our neighbors happy!

INSTRUCTIONAL MINUTES: How about this for a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION! Please ensure your children are on time to school so they can begin their school day on time in their desks, ready to learn. It is difficult to be running through the front gate at 8:04 when classes are lining up at 8:05 and entering their classrooms, ready to begin formal instruction at 8:10. Give your child/children the ADVANTAGE of beginning the school day with their classmates rather than coming in late and being at a DISADVANTAGE. Instructional time is precious and we expect ALL of our families to help their children learn the good habits that will serve them well throughout their school careers and beyond.


Pattie Dullea