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Lead's COre Four!


We are safe

We are kind

We are respectful

we are responsible

It is our goal to maintain a happy, positive, and safe school environment for all students and staff members. To further this goal, we continue to practice, promote, and acknowledge expected behaviors through PBIS. PBIS, or Positive Behaviorial Interventions and Supports, allow students to be recognize and acknowledge for all of the things they are doing correctly here at school. Students receive Core Four cards throughout the day and each week we have a drawing and celebrate a few students from each grade level for the great choices they have been making.

We have a Core Four wall in our office and photos of students that have been recognized! As families, students also have the opportunity to show you at home and are very proud of the choices they've been making.  Let's continue to celebrate and be proud of their growth! 

More information about PBIS can be found at  www,